Pass the Torch: a Father’s Day remark

I’ve been fortunate in my life to share time with outstanding mentors and role models that have shaped & crafted my woodsmanship, wildlife conservation & hunting ethics.  As impactful as they all have been, my father has been the most influential. A father is who instills manners, respect, and moral doctrines.  All of which take place in the field.  These key ideology principles are what shape men and women for the rest of their lives.  

My father, Harry Haslam and I at Cypress Creek – Jasper County, SC. My fist solo heavyweight whitetail. Circa Halloween week 1997. Mr. John Carswell has been a tremendous influence in my life.

A young person is immensely impressionable.  They soak in everything; the good and the bad.  Just the other week my 3 year old son said after a day of bream bustin’, “we tore their ass up.”  Kidding a side, these are the days to teach our knowledge and experiences.  Because none of this will be taught at school or television.

Labor Day 2021: 3 generations.

Some of the most rewarding hours I’ve logged in the whitetail woods have been hunting with my daughter (now 7) and son (soon to be 4).  Not just trimming roads or searching for cast antlers, but actually pursuing game with a firearm or compound bow.  I don’t just sit somewhere random without a plan.  I take the time to setup kid friendly stands and blinds to effectively observe and kill game.  Trust me when I proclaim: this will make you a better hunter.

We had 2 does come through to feed. They did not like something. Likely faint sounds from our blind. Lesson learned. That is how prey species survive.

Manners, respect, and moral doctrines are missing in much of our society these days.  It’s glaringly highlighted on social media hunting content. I doubt any of those bozos had impactful mentors throughout their hunting journey.  

Take a kid hunting.  Let them learn about predators & prey, habitat & conservation, right & wrong.  

Pass the torch.  

Last December, Cory Parker and I took our sons hunting. Cory was able to kill a big doe with his son. The fun we had at the skinning shed was priceless.

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