BHA Pint Night – Charleston, SC

I’ll be speaking at the SC BHA chapter event 9/23 about whitetail conservation & management. I’m very much looking forward to the opportunity and hopefully will see your there! Public Lands Day Celebration with South Carolina BHA! Looking for a great evening with like-minded folks that share a passion for the outdoors? Join the SouthContinue reading “BHA Pint Night – Charleston, SC”

Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast Video

Whitetails can absolutely thrive on pine farms and natural movement can certainly be patterned. I was honored to record a guest spot for Jacob and Andrew w/ Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast. We covered many, many topics. Check out the interview!

WTOC Savannah Afternoon Break

I must say, it was pretty cool to discuss wildlife conservation with a new audience.  I wonder how many viewers had zero knowledge of the extreme population issues quail and turkeys face in the South?  Check out the link below.  I’m certainly no Dan Rathers but I guess that’s obvious.  The link below has the entire clip.

An Open Letter to Whitetail Hunters

Below are hunting related thoughts to consider as we drift into the 2022 season. These talking points are not common knowledge. I learned them from making mistakes and paying attention to the many land stewards that invited me to hunt over the past 3 decades. This is not to sound preachy. I know some ofContinue reading “An Open Letter to Whitetail Hunters”

Wired to Hunt: Episode 529

It was a very rewarding experience to share my story with Mark Kenyon on Wired to Hunt. Mark is a phenomenal interviewer and I’m humbled to have been asked to record with him. I’m not a pro or formally educated wildlife manager. However, I think my experiences and success through failures will resonate with listeners.

Decoy a Buck in the South

Deer decoys aren’t just for the midwest.  You don’t have to be around agriculture fields or large, well manicured food plots but they can certainly help!  From my experience, knowing your local peak breeding time and where does will be late October & early November are the key factors. I’ve always thought the best decoyContinue reading “Decoy a Buck in the South”

Sunn Hemp for Whitetails

There’s no coincidence this tropical/ subtropical legume native to India doesn’t get much attention in the mainstream hunting industry as it only grows in the Deep South.  You’re probably not going to see a discussion on a whitetail tv show and you’re certainly not going to hear a “serial big-buck killer” on a top podcast diveContinue reading “Sunn Hemp for Whitetails”

Pine Stand Mgnt for Natural Deer Movement

If you own or lease land in the southeast, most likely there are pine trees planted for income. Probably loblolly or longleaf.  Tree farms get a bad rap by hunters and often viewed as “wildlife wastelands”.  With proper planning and managed with a little TSI (timber stand improvement), pines can be a wildlife paradise offeringContinue reading “Pine Stand Mgnt for Natural Deer Movement”

My Story

The whitetail hunt is 365 days for me. I’m not a “professional influencer” slinging product that promises state record success. I’m an average hunter wanting to share my experiences and journey managing my family farm in South Carolina. Everyone’s hunt is different and what works for me may not jive with you. My passion forContinue reading “My Story”

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