Waffle House style Venison Texas Cheesesteak

Venison is sustainable, renewable red meat and this was obviously the right choice to christen my blackstone griddle. By no means is this an original recipe. It’s simply my favorite dish from the world renowned, Southern culinary institution that is the one and only Waffle House.

WTOC Savannah Afternoon Break

I must say, it was pretty cool to discuss wildlife conservation with a new audience.  I wonder how many viewers had zero knowledge of the extreme population issues quail and turkeys face in the South?  Check out the link below.  I’m certainly no Dan Rathers but I guess that’s obvious.  The link below has the entire clip. https://www.wtoc.com/2023/01/31/expert-gives-tips-land-wildlife-conservation/

An Open Letter to Whitetail Hunters

Below are hunting related thoughts to consider as we drift into the 2022 season. These talking points are not common knowledge. I learned them from making mistakes and paying attention to the many land stewards that invited me to hunt over the past 3 decades. This is not to sound preachy. I know some ofContinue reading “An Open Letter to Whitetail Hunters”

Wired to Hunt: Episode 529

It was a very rewarding experience to share my story with Mark Kenyon on Wired to Hunt. Mark is a phenomenal interviewer and I’m humbled to have been asked to record with him. I’m not a pro or formally educated wildlife manager. However, I think my experiences and success through failures will resonate with listeners.

Season End Analysis + New Year Projects

Deer season has wrapped up in most of the Southeast and it’s time to analyze last year and plan for 2022. I’m going to run through several habitat and herd management objectives to employ right now. 2021 Season: Food Plots – What worked & what didn’t?  Evaluating and assessing each year is crucial to save bothContinue reading “Season End Analysis + New Year Projects”

Decoy a Buck in the South

Deer decoys aren’t just for the midwest.  You don’t have to be around agriculture fields or large, well manicured food plots but they can certainly help!  From my experience, knowing your local peak breeding time and where does will be late October & early November are the key factors. I’ve always thought the best decoyContinue reading “Decoy a Buck in the South”

Deer Tracking Dog

This is a relatively short piece as I didn’t do any type of formal training with my labs. I used a basic system that turned my best friend into a deer recovery machine. Better than any hunter I know. Benefits: Quicker recovery time of game. Ability to track wounded deer without a visible blood trail.Continue reading “Deer Tracking Dog”

Buckin Struttin Outdoors Podcast

I was invited on the Buckin Struttin Outdoors Podcast as a guest for some whitetail junkie talk. A deep dive on the species and the challenges of hunting them. Give the episode a spin and follow the podcast! I could talk all day about whitetails. https://www.buckinstruttinoutdoors.com/

Killer Venison Sliders

Are you tired of tough, deer processor grade burger patties lacking flavor and charisma? This is simple, easy and perfect for deer camp, kids birthday parties, tailgates and black tie wedding receptions. But seriously, it’s a no-brainer recipe. Make two batches as it will go quick! Double batch for July 4th! Welles was pumped. Ingredients:Continue reading “Killer Venison Sliders”

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