No hunting gimmicks here.

Simply my journey through the whitetail woods.

A Southern hunters approach to bettering wildlife habitat, hunting the dense Southeast, contributing toward conservation and pursuing the perfect vension t-bone sear.

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Waffle House style Venison Texas Cheesesteak

Venison is sustainable, renewable red meat and this was obviously the right choice to christen my blackstone griddle. By no means is this an original recipe. It’s simply my favorite dish from the world renowned, Southern culinary institution that is the one and only Waffle House.

An Open Letter to Whitetail Hunters

Below are hunting related thoughts to consider as we drift into the 2022 season. These talking points are not common knowledge. I learned them from making mistakes and paying attention to the many land stewards that invited me to hunt over the past 3 decades. This is not to sound preachy. I know some of…

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