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Ep. 45: Dr. Bronson Strickland – MSU Deer Lab Southeast Whitetail

A pillar in whitetail conservation, Dr. Bronson Strickland, joins the show for a deep dive discussion into the breeding season.  Dr. Strickland is a professor at MSU and a host of the Deer University Podcast.  He graduated from UGA with a bachelor's in forest resources, master's from Texas A&M – Kingsville and a doctorate degree from MSU.  I love these discussions on deer biology and behavior.   Topics include: 1.  Buck bedding habits.  2.  How detrimental are prolonged breeding seasons (unbalanced sex ratios) to a bucks health and future antler development.  3.  Fawns who hit a heat cycle……..pros & cons. 4.  Receptive doe discussion…… 5.  Buck movement in high density areas.  6.  Doe group movement during the rut…..feeding habit changes?   7.  Doe calls / sounds during breeding season.  When and why. 8.  Buck grunts / sounds…, when, why….. 9.  Rattling….. Please follow Mississippi State University Deer Lab on all social channels.  They publish incredibly resourceful data for hunters and landowners.   
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