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“Conservation will ultimately boil down to rewarding the private landowner who conserves the public interest.”  The River of the Mother of God. -Aldo Leopold

Blending Sustainable Forestry, Wildlife Conservation, & Superior Southern Hunting.

You don’t have to own thousands of acres and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on “silver bullet” gimmicks. Improve habitat, analyze data and be conservation minded with everything you do on the land. Antlers will grow larger, bobwhite quail will whistle again and the eastern wild turkey will strut back into a sustainable population.

My background comes from the school of hard knocks; managing our family farm for 17 years and being a student of QDM and wildlife habitat improvement. Taking the Farm from a raw, absentee-owner tract of land that was dog hunted (“if it’s brown, it’s down”) to consistently killing mature bucks and maintaining a healthy doe:buck ratio.


Pine farms have a long standing stigma of being undesirable for deer hunters. But why? Sure, when traditionally harsh forestry practices are implemented this can be the case. However, by incorporating wildlife minded goals and consistent timber rotation & sales you will diversify your landscape and maintain reoccurring income. The latter is crucial for landowners and is often overlooked. Why not develop a timber management plan to pay for your farm?


The Southeast has many conservation related issues ranging in severity. What are your goals? Better bucks, increase carrying capacity, soil quality, bobwhite quail, wild turkeys or all of the above? Improve the land and wildlife will flourish. This can be accomplished on smaller tracts and we have proven that. Your pineland can be a monoculture or a wildlife mecca. Why settle for anything less?


As I mentioned above, you don’t need thousands of acres to design hunt setups. My strategies blend land diversification, QDM, and time-tested deer behavior research. Don’t simply plant food plots and fill feeders. Lay out bedding where you want it. Develop native food options. Harvest deer based on their natural movement. It can be done and I’ve proved that.


Pure, clean, red meat is not discussed enough in land/ deer management. By bettering habitat you will boost the carrying capacity and thus increase the amount of venison that can be procured annually. With the cost of meat and the ever changing meat industry, why not target venison as a sustainable, renewable option. Every year, we secure enough venison for us, guests, friends and family for the following 12 months. It can be accomplished.

I’m available to assist landowners, lessees, and hunting clubs large and small. Let’s discuss your goals and projects. Every property is distinctive and there is no “one size fits all” management plan. Consultation can be structured to suit your needs and objectives.


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