My Story

The whitetail hunt is 365 days for me. I’m not a “professional influencer” slinging product that promises state record success. I’m an average hunter wanting to share my experiences and journey managing my family farm in South Carolina. Everyone’s hunt is different and what works for me may not jive with you.

My passion for whitetails started 26 years ago. After several missed opportunities I connected on my first deer harvest at 11. Since then, deer have been my favorite game to pursue.

Over the past 15 years I’ve dialed in on wildlife habitat. Specifically, ways to incorporate timber management with hunting strategies.

New hunter recruitment has always been on the forefront at the farm. Since 2006, 20 new hunters have harvested their first deer. Ages 10-60. 10 women and 10 men.

October 2019 we hosted a QDMA (now NDA) Coastal Empire Branch mentored hunt. The following year we were nominated and won the QDMA Al Brothers Non-Professional Deer Manager of the Year award at Whitetail Weekend. It was truly an honor to be nominated and awarded by the founder and national treasure, Joe Hamilton.

Late September 2020 we hosted another mentored hunt in collaboration with Hunt to Eat and the Coastal Empire QDMA Branch. Three out of the four new hunters killed their first deer.

My style of hunting may not be for you. My management style may not suit your land or you may simply know a better way. Either way, maybe you’ll be inspired to take a new hunter in the field or embrace a venison carpaccio dish.

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