If you have interest in improving wildlife habitat or designing effective hunting setups, please reach out to me. Goals can range from seeing and holding more deer to growing larger headgear. It all depends on your hunt and what you enjoy.

It doesn’t simply have to be “growing big giant bucks”. Habitat practices will not only benefit whitetails but also, turkeys, bobwhite quail, dove and other wildlife.

Over the past 15 years managing our farm I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Furthermore, I can share realistic results for whitetail management in the Southeast.

  • Create natural deer travel routes
  • Develop & maintain sufficient thickets/ bedding sites
  • Integrate forestry & wildlife practices
  • Increase hunter observation sightings
  • Boost deer holding capacity
  • Improve deer stand setups
  • Pine stand & hardwood TSI (timber stand improvement)
  • Better food source options. Native plants & food plots
  • Doe mgnt/ herd balance/ fawn recruitment
  • Improve trail camera surveys
  • Supplemental feed program

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